The All-in-One Solution for your Success in Social Media

Increase your reach on Social Media by using video content, win more followers and increase the sales for your business.
Why users love the Social Media Video Manager
The first video posts I made were so succesful, that they brought me 2 new customers within 3 hours!
Andrea Dähn
Yeah! I just posted my first video and it took me only 4 minutes to create it. Very helpful tool!
Michael Krebs
Always posting on social media is time consuming or expensive. The Social Media Video Manager solves both problems, recommend it!
Max Be
Trainer & Coach
Do you want to drive more attention to what your offering? Increase sales? Grow your business? Video content on social media can significantly help you reach these goals! But, your lacking time and technical know-how? The Social Media Video Manager solves both issues, it’s a cloud based software that delivers you ready-to-use but also customizable video content posts for every day of the year!
Sample post "Earth Hour Day"
Sample post "International Women's Day"
Sample post "Hug Day"
Choose the Day
Adjust the template
Post on all platforms
Use these customizable video templates to promote your product, to show the services your company offers or simply create outstanding logo animations and video intros. Reach more customers with video content than ever before and increase your sales!

50+ Facebook video templates

40 Twitter video templates

50+ YouTube video templates

50 Instagram video templates

40 Pinterest video templates

50 LinkedIn video templates

40 Tiktok video templates

Sample video "Car Dealer"
Sample video real estate
Sample video "Weight loss"
Select template
Customize content
Post your video
Module 3: The quotation posts
Over 400 ready-to-use quotation posts
On top and to futher increase your success, we are giving you more than 400 quotation posts. The posts are pictures and ready to use. No editing or customization needed (but possible). Including .psd file in case you want to adjust it. Followers love quotation posts on social media and just these quotation posts are giving you already a full year of content to post.
Animals Quotes 4
Select quotation picture
Adjust if you want

Requires picture editing software

Post on your social media

Features and functions overview

Customizable video templates

Customize online, no software installation needed.

Social Media Calendar

With ready-to-use video posts for every day.

Ready to use ideas

For every (!) single day of the year with the social calendar.

Ready-to-use videos

More than 300 video templates with content included.

Automated format fitting

For all platforms, the size of the video adjusts automatically.

PC, Apple, Smartphone

Runs cloud based and is usable on all devices.

Tutorials and overview on the software
Social Media Video Manager Overview
Tutorial: How to create videos
Tutorial: How to link your social accounts
Tutorial: How to publish & share your videos